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L'impianto di Dmitry Medvedev

L'impianto di Dmitry Medvedev

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Sharp-eyed bloggers, however, spotted Medvedev's extraordinary stereo lurking in the background. Experts estimated it was worth up to $200,000 (£130,000). It includes giant speakers, a CD player, amplifiers, and other expensive gadgets. It is not clear whether the stereo belongs to Medvedev himself – a Deep Purple fan and keen vinyl enthusiast – or is the property of the state, in this case the Russian Federation. Either way, it is a tantalising clue in a country where any mention of Putin or Medvedev's personal wealth is strictly taboo.

Bloggers seemed unimpressed by Medvedev's choice of audio equipment, much of it made in Britain (including a bespoke Avid Acutus Reference SP turntable, made in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, and two Swiss-made Daniel Hertz M1 speakers, costing a cool $75,000 a pair, it was estimated.)



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