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  1. The Listening Rooms

    Listening experiences, choice of components, architectural acoustics solutions


    The lover's haunt of the glorious Binghamton, NY firm. The magic of the blue eyes.

    Experiences and discussions around the thousand opportunities born from information technology applied to listening.

    The space for intimate listening. Headphones, amplifiers and listening experiences.

    Fine Tuning Audio

    • 21.3k posts

    Products, experiments and tricks for those who want to go one step further.

    Self-builds and modifications: room for creativity, competence and skills.

    Televisions, projectors, amplifications, speakers: image and sound for the cinema experience at home.


    The room reserved for connoisseurs of the devices that have made history but also the news.

  2. The Halls of the Muses

    The Music

    The room where music, records and concerts are discussed.

    The Cinema

    • 3.7k posts

    The space where cinema, films and TV series are discussed.

    The Photography

    • 1.8k posts

    Photography, Architecture, Design, Illustration, Painting: they are talked about in this space.

    The Literary Garden. We talk about books, authors, characters, literary chronicles, printed and electronic pages.

  3. The Foyer

    Lounge Bar

    • 282k posts

    Politics, economics, culture, sport, good food and more: here we chat about the best systems.

    Joe's Garage

    • 15.4k posts

    Nice engines, nice cars, nice motorbikes and nice music. From an idea of Joe 1949.


    News from the world of arts and technologies.

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